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1. Who we are and our great advantage in this field?

(1)Leading stone building materials manufacturer and exporter specizing in various speices of china nature sandstone, limestone, granite, travertine, basalt, pebble, marble, etc .Our factory specially producing building materials locates in Qingdao,Shandong province,China, expecially in the sandstone field that we have great advantage as we have engaged for more than ten years.

(2) Besides the stone building materials, we also can supply various stone carvings as we have factory specially producing the stone carvings in Quyang,Hebei province, our factory here can provide and custom make high quality hand carved stone carvings with different stone materials depend on our high skilled craftmen and their rich experience in this field.

(3)As we have have high skilled craftmen and the needs from our stable clients and market, our factory also can supply and custom make various bronze sculpture and relief, our factory in Quyang have engaged in this field from 2003 year, and have rich experience in this field. During this years, we have taken many projects, some of them are the government projects.

2. Which kind of finish can we done on stone materials ?

There are various finish can be made on stone to achieve different purpose and impression. So it is great important to choose correct finish for your stone product for fufuilling your project well and make your client have 100% satisfaction. We listed out some main type of process finish-method that are regualar finish for our stone:

(1) Polish [PL] :
Which is available for most of stone except sandstone, it will present miror looking and its luminosity can reach more than 80 degree, the advantage is that the face of stone will look like mirror,but the light pollution will be occurred .Pls note that the sandstone canot be polished
(2)Honed [HN]

Which can be available for granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine that will be exquisite surface without any light pollution. So the finish of sandstone are most honed. It has very nice looking and also a little anti-slip (skid proof).

(3)Riven[ RV]

which is also called nature split, it is split from the stone with layer.


Rock Finish
Riven Finish -Grey sandstonePaver

(4)Flamed [FL]:

its surface is eroded by fired facilities, then its face will be antique classical impression and with anti-slip

(5)Bush hammer [BH]:

the surface is done by hammer and can reach dot finish; the process is done by hand. It will have clasical impression and anti-slip.

(6)Pineapple [PA]:

a little like large bush hammer finish

(7)Sand Blasted (Sanded)[SD] :

it has nice exquisite arenaceous impression, we make use of sanded blasted facilitites to achieved that

(8)Chiseled / Chiseling [CH] :

carve out the line with antique impression and anti-slip purpose.

(9)Striped /Comb finished [ST]:

classical impression and anti-slip usage

(10) Antique Tumbled-[TB]:

3. What is the Tech Data of China sandstone, how to application ?

Water absorption: 0.4-0.65%
Abrasion resistance: 58-65
Compress strength 108-133mpa
Modulus of rupture12.5-18.5mpa

Water absorption: 0.3-0.45%
Abrasion resistance: 60-70
Compress strength 115-140mpa
Modulus of rupture 14-20 mpa

Water absorption: 0.50-0.75%
Abrasion resistance: 64-73
Compress strength 110-135mpa
Modulus of rupture 13-19 mpa

Water absorption: 0.58-0.82%
Abrasion resistance: 64-73
Compress strength 110-135mpa
Modulus of rupture 13.8-20mpa
Water absorption: 0.52-0.77%
Abrasion resistance: 58-68
Compress strength 105-128mpa
Modulus of rupture 12.50 18.5 mpa

4.How to enquiry and ask info?

The stone flooring tiles, slab,paver
a.Dimension : Length x Width x Thickness
b.Finish : Honed, Polish ,Honed, Flamed ,sandblasted or other required

The Architectural Element or paveerealte product
a.Drawing for the architectural element, we accept CAD Drawing.
b.Approximate purchasing quantity.

The stone carving
a Choose the carving item from our website and sending us the code or Sending your ref carving for custom made
b.Dimension of each part
c.Finish: Polish, Honed, or antique. Etc.
d.Approximate purchasing quantity.

5.How to getting the sample from us

Our regular sample is freely,the regular sample in size is 10(4")*10(4")*2cm or 1cm or larger, the client need to pay the freight in advance (by DHL,UPS,TNT others).

Available Payment Terms

  1. Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight
  2. T/T ( Telegraph Transfer): 50% Deposit ; Balance after present the copy of Bill of Lading

Procedure: Getting Deposit ,L/C ,or other payment from the buyer Arrange production on time Keep client posted for whole product section and take photo for client's confirmation.Arrange shippment after quality inspection and getting satisfied and confirmation from client on the photos Present the copy bill of lading to the client for balance arrangement Sending the original documents to client by DHL for client's custom clearlance after getting the full payment from clientGetting evaluation for our products' quality and our service after client received the goods.

What currency do we accept?

  1. US Dollar=== $
  2. Euro ====== €
  3. GBP ======£
  4. 人民币====¥

6. What's CBDS' promise?

The quality standard from CBDS is in A level. Any second class quality from us, we will make compensation without any hesitant. Quality is one enterprise‘s life, we only provide you A level product, so refuse to bargaining with second quality product.

Any damage caused from our package or the product quality we will make compensation without any hesistant,but the client need to take photos at port when you first time see the damage of the products and send the photos to us in time.

All the quality standard should be indicated in the contract, and both sides comply with it .

Excellent sales team from CBDS will always give you full support and best service.


MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity ),

.The minimum quantity is one container(1* 20 ft container).

Do you accept the retail order ?

Generally no as we are manufacturer face to wholesaler,but If you need, pls email to our manager cnstone@vip.163.com try to find solution

8. What the package we use?

PACKAGE- Standard Exported Fumigated Package (IPPC)
We use the "3S"( Scientific, Security,Safe) Package , the detail is as following:
Scientific: Our Package is in scientific pack method to prevent any possible damage, Pallet standard is suit for your Forklift.

Security: Our packing is very strong/ firm. We make use of foam for inside protection. Before shipping, the container will be fixed at our factory to make sure it does not break during the sea shipping.

Safe (IPPC Stamped): Our Package is selected from clear wooden without any worm and possibility dangerous. All the export packaged was fumigated before shipping out of China

Wooden Crate Inside Protection
Standard Export Fumigated Crates
IPPC Stamp (fumigated)
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