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CBDS specialize in china yorkstone sandstone and have large storage of this yorkstone at quarry, Chinese york stone are widely used as flooring and wall cladding tiles sandstone pavers, flagstone, setts/blind stone, garden flagstone, kerbstone, cube stone, paving & pavement and other building materials and elements.Custom-produce service is available.

Construction Elements: Yorkstone sandstone floor tiles, york stone setts/cube stone/cobble stone, flagstone,Yorkstone sandstone wall tile, Yorkstone sandstone slab, Yorkstone sandstone cube stone, Yorkstone sandstone paving, Yorkstone sandstone kerbstone, Yorkstone sandstone kerbs, Yorkstone sandstone pavement.

Architectural Element:York stone sandstone sill, Yorkstone sandstone window cill, Yorkstone sandstone window frame, Yorkstone --sandstone door surround, Yorkstone sandstone quoins, Yorkstone sandstone lintel, Yorkstone sandstone lantern, Yorkstone sandstone post mailbox, Yorkstone sandstone keystone, Yorkstone sandstone ball, Yorkstone sandstone window surround .

Available Finish: Honed, Nature split/Riven/ Flamed, Sand Blasted/Chiseling,Bush hammer, Scarching, and Tumbled.


YSP-01(York Sandstone Tiles-Honed)
YSP-02(York Sandstone Tiles-Pineapple)

YSP-03( York Sandstone Tiles-Sandblasted)

YSP-04(York Sandstone Tiles-Sawn)
YSP-05(York Sandstone Tiles-Honed)

YSP-06(York Sandstone Tiles-Honed)

YSP-07 (York Sandstone Pavement-Sandblasted )
YSP-08 (York Sandstone Samples-Antique)
YSP-09 (York Sandstone Pavers)
YSP-10 (Rainbow Sandstone Setts&Cubestone)
YSP-11 (Rainbow Yorkstone Pots)
YSP-12 (Rainbow Yorkstone Pot-01 )
YSP-13 (Rainbow Yorkstone Pot-02)
YSP-14 (Rainbow Yorkstone Pot-03 )
YSP-15 (Rainbow Yorkstone Sphere)
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